Popular Jamaican Patois Translations

The first step to understanding and learning Jamaican Patois is seeing a list of Jamaican Patois phrases and their English translations. The following is a list of popular Jamaican Patois to get you started.

Move ova dere

Move over there

Mi trust yuh

I trust you

Mi think suh

I think so

Mi nuh like schul

I don't like school

Nuh move

Don't move

Did guh


Mi starvin

I'm starving

Mi single

I'm single

Gud nite

Good night

Mi know wah yuh did

I know what you did

Yuh mad

Are you mad

Yuh sad

Are you sad

Tek yuh time

Take your time

Du wah yuh think is rite

Do what you think is right

Mi use dis

I use this

Yuh gwine dweet

Are going to do it

Yuh know who he is

Do you know who he is

Weh yuh cuk fa dinna tonite.

What did you cook for dinner tonight.



Mi like yuh

I like you

Mi ah guh call yuh lata

I'll call you later

Mi wah yuh luv beg!

I want your love please!

Mi love ha

I love her