Popular Jamaican Patois Translations

The first step to understanding and learning Jamaican Patois is seeing a list of Jamaican Patois phrases and their English translations. The following is a list of popular Jamaican Patois to get you started.

Mi suh tired

I'm so tired

Nuh panic

Don't panic

Mi use dis

I use this

Mi know wah yuh did

I know what you did

Mi love ha

I love her

Nuh leave

Don't leave

Mi love yuh

I love you

Du wah yuh think is rite

Do what you think is right



Weh yuh du

What do you do

Mi happy to see yuh here

I am happy to see you here

Let mi inna de house

Let me in the house

Mi like yuh

I like you

Nuh wury, everythin will be alrite

Don't worry, everything will be alright

Mi ah guh du it

I'll do it

Mi have time

I have time

Weh yuh goin

Where are you going



Mi suh happy

I'm so happy

Wah mek yuh du dat

Why did you do that

Yuh serious

Are you serious

Yuh miss mi

Did you miss me

Nuh be shy

Don't be shy

Tek yuh time

Take your time