Popular Jamaican Patois Translations

The first step to understanding and learning Jamaican Patois is seeing a list of Jamaican Patois phrases and their English translations. The following is a list of popular Jamaican Patois to get you started.

De wata turned to ice

The water turned to ice

Yuh serious

Are you serious

Mi wah yuh luv beg!

I want your love please!

Nuh problem

No problem

Nuh move

Do not move

Nuh wury, everythin will be alrite

Don't worry, everything will be alright


Give me



Yuh sad

Are you sad

Weh yuh goin

Where are you going





Mi comin

I am coming

Nuh leave

Don't leave

Let mi inna de house

Let me in the house

Mi nuh care wah dem say

I don't care what they say

Gud nite

Good night

Mi suh tired

I'm so tired

Yuh gwine dweet

Are going to do it

Mi starvin

I'm starving

Mi nuh know wah yuh mean

I don't know what you mean

Nuh panic

Don't panic

Yuh nuh feelin well

Are you not feeling well