About Jamaicanize

Jamaicanize was started over a decade ago (2011) with a simple goal: to make it easy to translate English to Jamaican Patwah. Jamaicanize is an automated translation software that translates English text to Jamaican Patwah.

Why a Jamaican Translator?

We want the world to fully experience the beauty of the Jamaican culture by learning Jamaican Patois. However, Jamaican Patois is primarily a spoken language. In written form, it is complex and hard to understand. Words have multiple pronunciations, and some words have various spellings: Patois, Patwah, and Patwa.

Jamaican Patois Challenges

One of the major challenges in creating a good patois translator and learning Jamaican Patois is determining the proper spelling for each word.

Jamaicanize Solution

Jamaicanize constantly tries to balance allowing newcomers to understand Jamaican Patois and remaining authentic to the Jamaican culture. Please contribute if you would like to help us.